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Those who post sensation seeking "news" on social media need to be made accountable. It is thanks to their hysterical assertions that vaccinations cause autism that measles cases have TRIPLED in 2019 - and we're still only a third of the way through the year.
Anyway, we all know the real cause of autistic children - it's adults having sex!


Petter 9 Apr 15

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This is a direct result of the activity of religious

zesty Level 7 Apr 15, 2019

Autism for your child?
Measles for other people's children?

It's not easy to choose.

Except that vaccinations do NOT cause autism. Dr Wakefield's thesis was thoroughly debunked. It would niw lie forgotten were it not for the idiotic postings on social media, by people with no scientific acumen.

I think the worry lies in the fact that nobody wants to deal with the outrageous increase in autism. Wakefield is discredited but there is still a lot of suspicion that the two things are connected. It won't be laid to rest until there is a full investigation into the rise in autism.


Except there is no rise. Only in awareness.


@Bierbasstard I don't believe it.


Suit yourself. Believe in ignorance instead.

Don't be a bastard, Bierbasstard.


OK. We all live in capitalist societies. If vaccination rates are down it is the fault of marketing and education.
I agree with antivaxers that govt should not be allowed to force any to inject their kids. That is a very slippery slope.
Using the BBC story about "sensation seeking news" is quite ironic. They have been accusing Corbyn of being a communist for a long time is just one example.

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