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Practically speaking

St-Sinner 8 Apr 15

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Excellent! I know a lot of engineers, not too many engines.

zesty Level 7 Apr 15, 2019

I know it's just meant to be funny, but you can't imagine how tiresome... imagine if you felt threatened and it was supposed to be your fault anytime a strange woman saw you wear shorts?
And this is from the gender that hasn't even mostly got the guts to wear a kilt, or anything pink, or anything different to the very narrow male norm. And who get to take off their shirt at the drop of a hat.
You want to try to meet women on equal terms? Post less trash. You just want to get back at them for some imaginary slight? Maybe that's it.

I am not a feminist. I see beauty and laughter around without hurting anyone. Men have never worn kilt in the U.S. at work and women have worn short skirts. We fussing over why men and women do certain things is not going to change how they both have been conducting.

If a skirt comment is making you unhappy, what about millions of these going around in our world?

@Tiramisu why would you even need to be a feminist to be decent and respect other people?

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