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1,000 Years Ago, the Catholic Church Didn’t Care If You Were Gay - []

Charliesey 7 Apr 17

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Much of the "new testament" was written by more Greek and Roman "influenced" writers of their time. So, of course, no need to mention homosexuality. Also, the Catholic church didn't edict suicide as a mortal sin until later due to the number of priests opting out to get to their heavenly reward sooner: the world was a figurative and litereral shit hole to live in.


It got complicated with the apostle Paul. He used words that we can't really translate into modern English. All I know is he talked of lots of types of activities that would make you ineligible for salvation. And homosexuals have been scapegoated by Christians so that other lifestyles would not come under condemnation. But they are condemned - greed, adultery, drunkenness etc. We have to really make our minds up about homosexuality. Society had the good sense to mostly mind its own business about homosexuality for a long time but now I think we have to do more than that. Political correctness has driven condemnation underground in many countries but the negativity remains. The issue is always male homosexuality and the anus and attendant feces. The physical abhorrence and moral disgust came to a head when AIDS spread in the 1980s. It seems the health issue has been dealt with thanks to better hygiene but nonetheless there is still a problem with the 'other'. There seems to be a great reluctance to openly discuss the matter so I fear the problem will continue indefinitely.

Ummmm, AIDS was not the beginning of abhorrence. Many countries had the death penalty for being gay, some still do. Being gay was an imprisonable offence in the UK for a very long time, for just one example in western culture.

@AnneWimsey I never said it was.

@AnneWimsey Yes, poor old Oscar. And I believe he was set up by his lover's father


As the time goes by,people evolution and generation by generations mostly before like 10-20 yrs ago people has a multi dimensional judgemental thinking,but now a days they getting used to it,although there are some human beings who can't understand what is" being true to yourself" and they missed almost half of their life for being hypocrites.In catholic church, still they have that kind of so sad that they are the one who throw stones if a person admit and saying that they are trans,bisexuals,lesbians or which there are lots of gays,trans,lesbians are successful in their own field and they already proved that they are more than capable than the straight one...most people have this kind of thinking "judge first before anything else"...


I still do not care if you are gay. Its fine with me.

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