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Do you have your card ready?

GeorgeRocheleau 8 Apr 19

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Gots to get me one of dose cards.


any day now some of them may wake up to how silly this is.

I'd like to think so...but...logic says PROBABLY NOT!

I'll take their jewelry, though, and the dogs/cats.

@LucyLoohoo You will have to sell all that jewelry to feed all those animals and imagine having to pick up all the poo too.

@Jolanta Oh...I doubt there'll be that many! Selling the jewelry, real estate, cars, etc, is a great idea! We can build shelters for animals until we find homes. Just think of how pleasant it'll be without the fundamentalist hypocrites yammering at us!

@LucyLoohoo And the poo?

@Jolanta I'll build a facility....if Best Friends can do it in Utah....I can do it here!

@LucyLoohoo Of course you can. When there is a will there is a way.


Who will take care of the pets? I will if I am paid upfront. I will not be raptured.


I wish they would stop with the nonsense!

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