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It has been said by fururists that within less than 30 to 50 years. Science will have advanced to the point that your entire physical body could be augmented and or totally replaced with designer organic replacements. That the bridge between the organic and the digital may even mean your brain and our consciousness could be transplanted into a synthetic body. Essentially the select few they could become immortal.

My question is if over time you could live over generations. Live multiple life times amassing knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Hell, because you could switch or customize the body you were in. Such as people today chain their hair color. You could change your sex, age, synthetic or biological.

Could this overtime make the following irrelevant? Sexual preference, physical or psychological gender?

If you lived for 1000 or more years how would you love?

RobertFoley 6 Apr 20

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We already are immortal in one sense, but not in the way most people envision. Our sense of self as an individual in a body is just illusion IMO. It is an illusion that depends, among other things, on memory. Lose your memory and you start over as a new personality. Most of the memories of today will have no application in a thousand years, and would be a hindrance. We are constantly changing—my personal self is not the same as it was when I was young, but my core being of conscious awareness is the very same thing, and the same thing as yours, immortal by default.

In my short novel, “The Staggering Implications of the Mystery of Existence”, available in the Kindle Store, I explore this very subject.


As an aside, these kinds of predictions are notorious for being way too optimistic. It's an example of how humans easily overestimate benefits and underestimate difficulties.

That said, Ian Bank's "culture series" of novels explores a version of this idea, where people have biological immortality and can transition between genders and so forth. They are well written / regarded and worth a look.

Personally I think we are creatures of time and not evolved for anything like eternity. At some point you would stop wanting new experiences for various reasons.


30 - 50 years that is way too long. I want it now, I want the body of Heidi Klum, right now.


I think life is going to get more interesting every year and I would love to live to see it all unfold.

I'm not sure how I would love in a physical way if I was a thousand years old and changed body parts along the way. I'm going to guess it would make me think in more more of a bisexual way but the issues surrounding anal sex would still remain unless the anus became robotic rather than organic.


Many things have been said by futurists, most of them didn't happen.


This is just my thoughts on the subject but I feel that making the presupposition that because we have the technology to accomplish basic immortality means that we would be able to implement it. The human body and especially brain is super complex and there may be something that could make it virtually impossible that we have not ran into yet, because this would be the forefront. Then again, maybe it proves to be super easy and we successfully make a human/cyborg hybrid that lives for 500 years. Would the implications it would have on humanity stop us from doing it, much like cloning laws these days, or would we just usher in the new age for humanity? In terms of colonizing off Earth, it would be very useful because of the large travel distances and harsh environments.

If we’re to ask me what I think is the way we will lean, it’s the combination of the conscious mind with computers. We will eventually find some way to access google via thought or something.


I think it was Astronaut Chris Hadfield who said something like if we see the technology advance in the last 10 years compared to the advance in the previous 100 yeas, we just cannot imagine how it will be in the future 50 years!

Yeah, the current state of how fast technology is advancing makes it difficult to predict what just 10 years down the line will look like.

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