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A case against globalism :: Excellent: Hungary's representative sets the record straight about the Hungary's opposition to the ideology of the EU's open boarders policies.

Jacar 8 Apr 20

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Hungary is a poor country, the Hungarians wish to remain a civilized, non-Muslim contaminated entity. The EU, obviously, cannot tolerate ideas of sovereign nations, it is against their final goal - the establishment of a centrally controlled Socialist European States spiced with Traditional Muslim law enforcement. Good luck, Hungarians!

zesty Level 7 Apr 20, 2019

What rubbish. From what source or basis do you make these assertions? I find it alarming that right-wing parties with authoritarian leaders are yet again being voted into power, especially pertinent in the case of Hungary and it’s immediate neighbours. This fear of Muslim dominance is manufactured by the right....there is no way there is ever going to be Muslin law enforcement in Europe, projected figures for population as far ahead as 2050 only expect Muslin population to reach 15% at the most and it is currently estimated to be less than 7%. The EU has been only a force for good on the European continent and has a common purpose in uniting former enemies and welcoming new states into its community. Each individual country is still sovereign and each one has a veto against passing any laws with which it disagrees. It is possibly the most democratic form of unified nation states ever to form an alliance. We have very short memories, but I am old enough to remember the aftermath of WW2, being born in 1945, and the division of Europe between the different powers. The Cold War was a terrible time, Hungary and its neighbours in the Eastern Bloc had nothing on the shelves in the shops when I visited it in the 1970s. I am pleased that things have improved so much for them since the fall of communism, but I fear that they are replacing one form of dictatorship for another in the alt-right Orban government. Strong leaders are one thing, but it’s only a small step from authoritarianism to dictatorship....the lessons of history tell us so.

@Marionville Spent a couple of months in Hungary last year, also I speak fluent Hungarian, lived there a few years. The EU, initially, was a positive force in Europe but became dictatorial during the past decade. I think, this is the reason why the smart voters in the UK voted bye-bye Brussel. BTW, the Orban government is not right wing at all, they still didn't execute, unfortunately, all the former communist politicos. Experience shows that if the muslim population exceeds 5% - trouble starts and around 12% they take the control over. SO, 15% doesn't sound that great!

@zesty Thankfully, we haven’t left the EU yet....and hopefully never will. The Orban government is extremely authoritarian and right-wing by any standards, and the 15% by 2050 is at the most extreme end of the projected estimates. We in the UK have a much more tolerant attitude, perhaps because for decades we have had immigration from our former colonies, some of which have Muslim populations. It’s really only since Brexit that there has been an upsurge in Islamophobia and racism in general. I personally don’t agree with allowing the full face cover, or allowing them to have separate Muslim schools, but apart from that, as long as they obey our laws and pay their taxes they are welcome.

@Marionville Did you not watch this video as well?
Tell me why they should allow anyone to enter their country? Just because the EU idiots demand it? What kind of reasoning is that?
Why do you accept the proposition that unlimited migration is good?
You have accepted premises that are not based in any facts. And when presented with any ideas that oppose your "beliefs" you refuse to even listen to the reasoning of those you claim to be evil.
The muslims in europe are demanding special treatment, separate courts, no-go zones, all the while raping thousands of girls and committing crimes.
Do some research. I have provided some places to start.

Isn't it amazing how the total lack of information, combined with the left-pole narratives, result in denial of imminent danger, and the labeling of all who disagree at right-wing. This is a dangerous time for western values of free speech, women's rights, equality for ALL.

Yet, i a merely a messenger. At my age, i expect to be gone before total war, and i will not be able to say, "I told you so." yet, the total war is increasing everyday. and all the good-doers are embracing the dark with not so much as a moment of hesitation.

Well, don't get me started.

@Jacar I don’t advocate unlimited immigration...where did you read that I said that? What I said is that for decades we in the U.K. have had immigration from our former colonies...this has never been unlimited. The EU doesn’t have unlimited immigration either, nor are the policies of the EU arbitrary...they are decided on a collective basis, not imposed by idiots., nothing is imposed at all, but debated and every member state has a veto. You clearly do not have a clue as to the democratic workings of the EU. I think it’s best to end this conversation....we will never see eye to eye. You are forming opinions by viewing slanted news items, whereas I have first hand experience of living in both the UK and Europe. I wouldn’t dream of pontificating about things unless I had considered all sides of an issue, you have no idea what you are talking about....there are no separate Islamic courts in Europe, nor no-go zones, and although there have been cases of sexual assault, there are also plenty of them by European and British men too....that is nothing new, but crimes perpetrated against women by men in general. Don’t dare tell me to do research, I’m not an uninformed moron who gets my news from right- wing news feeds, but from as wide a spread as I possibly can.

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