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Allamanda 8 Apr 22

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That's a tweet but might be a screenshot posted to a facebook....not so sure killers are debating bibles quoranic gita mystical shit upon battlefields nor dropping bombs with religious messages....yet many militarists do say kill a commie 4 mommy or kill them all let gawd sort them out....not ironic at all just unETHICAL worthless faiths in action by commanders while us Atheists in FOXHOLES don't waste time on prEyer and spend all our time staying alive


I do not think that arguments about what happens after death are a major cause of violence among humans.
The major causes of violence in history are arguments about territory, national pride, personal pride of alpha males, ethnicity....

@Allamanda Religion isn't a major source of violence either (although many atheists hold this misconception)

@Allamanda That Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews for religious reasons is fake news. It was racism, nothing else (otherwise the Nazis would have spared those Jews who had converted to Christianity, as many secular Jews in Germany had done. But to the Nazis, "Jew" was a racial category and had nothing to do with the religion)

As for the question of religion and violence:
In the book "The Encyclopaedia of Wars" the historian Alan Axelrod examines wars, revolutions and conflicts since 3,500 BCE. Recorded in the book are a total of 1763 wars, and out of these wars, only 123 are classified as having a religious cause. That's less than 7% of all wars since 3,500 BCE so the remaining 1640 wars all had a nonreligious cause: power struggles, fights over resources or territories, personal ambitions of kings and other rulers, nationalism....

In "The Great Book of Horrible Things", Matthew White using 377 books and 183 scholarly articles ranks the "100 Deadliest Episodes in Human History". Out of the 29 events with the highest death tolls, only two (!) had a religious cause.

@Allamanda Sorry, but this is not a minor issue. Historians are quite able to establish the causes of violent conflicts, of wars, that is not the realm of opinion.
It is an opinion dear to many atheists that religions are the cause number ONE of wars and violence in human history, and they are unable to provide any facts, they just point out the usual suspects: crusades, the Troubles in Northern Ireland , the The Thirty Years' War and so on.... (although most scholars agree today that even the The Thirty Years' War was not 100 per cent religious, otherwise the Catholic France would not have supported the Protestants against the Catholic League...)


Given that these puny humans possess nuclear weapons, I'd say a lesson in humility may be approaching.

THHA Level 7 Apr 22, 2019


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