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Yes, this is an actual t-shirt offered for sale on FB. Yes, it does take a few minutes to realize what it's suppose to represent.

ProudMerrie 8 Apr 24

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That’s nothing. I have seen ads, on Facebook, for products for men with ED. The images included pictures of erect penises. Not drawings or euphemisms but real pictures of the results possible (yeah, sure, if you are gullible and deluded) if you buy the product.

The bottom line is Facebook doesn’t care if they make money from the images and ads.


What is FB?

zesty Level 7 Apr 25, 2019

@ProudMerrie Thanks. Maybe I order the T shirt.

@ProudMerrie Yes. At least I'll have a pic with closes on! Lol


LMAO love it

Paisley dick love it


Oh! That'll get heads turning - lol.


Aww, a wiener dog! Lol


Pretty doggie


It’s all in the eye of the beholder! Not anything I would wear anyway.


I've owned a lot of dogs and I've ran into a lot of pricks. That is a PRICK. 😉


That's a giant dick 🙂


Seriously, that had to be done on purpose. No one is going to be THAT clueless: "What do you mean?! It's just someone petting a dog!"


So...if it's not supposed to be someone reaching to pat a penis... could I please ask someone to spell out what IS intended? I'm not seeing anything else!

@ProudMerrie Thank you much! I saw the bit that was to be the nose, but it didn't come together for me. I tend to agree with others that it couldn't have been an accident...


Does it come in pink?


Wow, you’d get some double takes for sure wearing that one. ?


Gives new meaning to "Pettin' the puppy"


or fancy condoms and gloves. Can't be too safe nowadays 😉

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