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Kuwaiti Scientist Claims Homosexuality Can Be ‘Cured’ With Suppository That Kills Semen-Eating Anal Worms []

ADKSparky 7 Apr 24

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Should be in the Woo Group along with the other fruit-loopery


The Kuwaitis seem to have their own special version of fear and loathing around homosexuality. It was just a few years ago that I recall reading some Kuwaiti government minister claiming they were working on some sort of medical screening device to "detect" homosexuals. I believe their plan was to install them in airports to keep homosexuals out of the country and as aids to deporting any who were lurking amongst them. I assume it was some crackpot trying to make $$ off the government or just an attempt to terrify closeted Kuwati homosexuals, but the notion that the government would find such a thing attractive tells you all you'd need to know about the level of homophobia in that country.


Okay I've done a bit of digging
Described in most articles that mention her Dr. Mariam Al-Sohel is said to be a "Therapist" "academic" or "expert".
She is not an M.D. or Phd. or Sc.D.
I eventually tracked down her qualification to "the International Union of Universities in Turkey."
She claims this institution presented her with an honorary doctorate in "Sex Management."
Mainly due to her work in providing theological Koran based cures for homosexuality, and sexual harassment.
Even this claim is unsupported and is only known of because she boasted of it some years ago in an advertisement for her main source of income which is as a Reiki Master, and a member of Toastmasters International.

So in this light take this piece of media drivel for what it is worth as coming from a publicity seeking Quack and snake oil saleswoman.


I wonder where he got his degree.


...and did someone say that science was rational and evidenced based! I am not a scientist so how can I possibly argue with the findings!

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