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Usually stops them in their tracks.

THHA 7 Apr 27

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My favorite comment to proselytizers...PROVE IT! Don't quote to me from an unverifiable old book...don't babble about how you don't need to ''prove'' the wind because you can feel it on your face, etc.


And therein lays the principle difference between religion and science. Religion says 'believe it'. Science says 'prove it'.


I have never found it to stop them. They just change direction or offer their version of "proof".

Agreed. They'll quote scripture from Hebrews 11 stating that faith is the evidence of things not seen. Their faith, alone, is proof enough for them.

2 always stumps them. They will then start quoting scripture....which as we know is all they have! They call it proof, I call it blind faith!


They wave that away with the word "faith."


Yes, those things called logic, reasoning and critical thinking.

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