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So I've been teaching myself trigonometry and it's going really well so far. I've downloaded a trigonometry textbook and have so far covered chapter one on right angle trigonometry. What I feel by covering this chapter is that I have a problem with the applications of trig (ie if the sun hits to top of a building 50 metres high etc)...I will have to focus on the applications more...probably work on them until I can master them...hopefully within a few weeks I will have finished this text and will be ready to teach myself calculus...Is my determination a turn on? lol

VineetHonkan 7 Apr 28

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You're a brave man. Best of luck!

Cos. Sin. The other one. Out!


I am 68 years old and am taking a course on Calculus because I never took that and NOW see the beauty of math. It is the universal language. I salute you and wish a wonderful future with Math.

EMC2 Level 8 Apr 29, 2019

any truth to calculus being easy?
My greatest regret in life, not having a math foundation, access to tutors, living with something of a math phobia most of my days.


I was trying to learning 'phutoghia' and so far I got 'sheee' which means 'yes'!

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