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I just finished reading a couple books by Sam Harris, the latest was his very short book called Free Will. Anyone else read it and have some thoughts?
It is not at all a new idea, but something he lays out really well.

hugh 5 Apr 29

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I haven't. I would love to know how he thinks about it compared to mainstream religion. And the Calvinist idea of no free will too.

It's very different. Calvinism is about predestination as god has chosen who will be saved and who not. It's a comment on Christian theology. Sam Harris is an atheist and talks about the brain and lays out a determinist argument.

@hugh Having watched hours of Sam Harris discuss religion with Jordan Peterson, I'm sure he is more than willing to express opinions on anything religious.


I think his ideas on free will are pretty spot on from what I've heard him talk about on it. I would have to refresh my memory by checking out his content again.

Yes, I was first introduced to him on youtube and lis lengthy debates, and then I started reading his books. I encourage you to read it. It's about 65 pages and you can get it done in a few hours, but he lays the argument out where everyone can clearly understand.

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