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So many angry white males in this country and Europe. Maybe as many as angry Islamists as in Syria. Who knows?

t1nick 8 Apr 29

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Very provocative comment. But which intelligent human isn’t feeling anger? In USA
Particularly, where we thought Democracy was a real thing.




@t1nick Then there has always been this anger. What's your reasoning or ideal solution to the problem?

@TCorCM. education

@t1nick Great point.


The fundamental difference is that angry wite males (and females) built a great, modern, amazingly good world. The angry islamists built exactly nothing and do whatever they can to invade the terrible, decadent developed world and convert it into the same Muslim shithole they came from!

zesty Level 7 Apr 29, 2019

Zesty my friend. Review your history. We owe lots of advancements in math, science, and economics to Muslims. Christians chased knowledge out of Europe during the Dark Ages. The Arabs picked up the ball and moved knowlegde forward. Civilization began in the Middle East and near Far East.

@t1nick Yes Nick. Of course . Math, sciences and philosophy. All before the Muslim religion took over. Since then - zero.

@zesty hmmmm - they are same people ultimately. The fact that Islam grew out of that area would not have happened had the people not been ameable to its introduction.

Im not a fan of Islam per se. I find some amazing things that came out that region, but I find amazing things that came out of Europe, the Far East, South America, etc. Just another example of how religion alters peoples and their beliefs.


Ironically, some of the anger of those white males are directed at women who are angry about the way they have been treated and are treated by many white males. Go figure.

Yes but women I feel are justified after millenia of maltreatmrnt. White males have been in control for this period. The only thing they have a right to be angry about is the shitty job they've done with that control.

Yes, some white ( and other) males definitely don't like successful women in leading positions. But still, we could achieve gender equality. How about the islamist countries? Are those more advanced?

@t1nick I agree. I think that "those" men feel that they are about to lose control, and that scares them.

@t1nick, @zesty We have made strides, but we are not there yet. If the evangelicals and ultra conservatives have their way, we will backslide.

@zesty au contrare. That's the problem about trying to defend against the monolithic prejudice heaped on Muslims. Their treatment of women is definitely medieval. I've always been a supporter of womens equality and womens movements. To support Islam is an anathema to those causes. Its a difficult line to manuever.

@Gwendolyn2018. concur

@t1nick As I suggested in a letter to FFRF, any religious entity discriminating based on gender, race or sexual orientation should loose the tax exempt privilege. It will help!


One group has so much materially but so little meaning in their lives and the other has the opposite problem.


With all due respect to the working class, a lot of the anger is partially theirs to own. Multple opportunities at retraining has been offered to help families transition in industries that were disappersring.

But most were short sighted. They thought that it would last until they retired, then they wouldn't have to worry anymore as it was somebody else's problem.

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