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George is smart...

MissKathleen 9 Apr 30

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LOL... That is one way to stick it to a gossip...


... George Fuc*s her brains out. She rejects God and lives a happy life.


Mildred in turn has George's truck towed. Unable to pay the fee needed to remove his car from the lot, he turns to alcoholism at the town's only bar. Mildred tells everyone she was right about George, and he soon stops coming to church entirely, and dies of cirrhosis a few years later. Mildred passes peacefully in her sleep, surrounded by her loving family who have shown up only to partition away her estate.

Neither are surprised to learn god isn't real, because they are both very much dead, and can do nothing about that.

I just love happy endings.


It wasn't my truck!


And to make it even better George should convince another male parishioner to leave his car/truck outside her house all night, that would stop her interfering.


Mildred done George wrong! Conversely, George did Mildred right!

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