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It's really amazing

Charlene 9 Apr 30

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The same thinking keeps people from going into the ocean due to shark bite...or driving instead of flying....statistics do not help drive out fear because you have to use logic when they are only using emotion...very sad for all of us...


Oh well you can prove anything with facts 😝

(I will point out that is sarcasm for hard of thinking)


Dumb-Da- Dumb-Dumb.


Most of the anti-vaccine people will talk about the long discredited study that claimed vaccines caused autism in children.

Personally, I think it is more likely that the increase autism rates are more due to large amounts of toxic chemicals we are exposed to in our environment, as the increased autism rate correlates better with the amount of new substances (chemicals) in our live than it does with vaccinations.


what do you expect from an anti-vaxxer?


I think it has to do with feeling complicit if something bad happens to your child.

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