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I will stay on for LEVEL 9 but not if MY CAPITAL LETTERS ARE AUTOMATICALLY changed to lower case...I have vision aging problems AND I WANT CERTAIN WORDS easily read by me and my readers

GreenAtheist 8 Apr 30

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I am sorry that you are having vision problems.

I have implants in both eyes BOOB JOBS really acrylic lenses filled with silicone much tinier than strip dancers implanted behind their nipples


Sorry to hear your having trouble. My mom has terrible eyesight problems. She types in all caps as a necessity. She tells me she gets complaints all the time.


Please everyone i am not yelling when i type all caps.... I want to make song titles poems and emphatic words stand out

gawdammit this website did it again to me changing my all caps words TO LOWER CASE AGAINST MY WISHES

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