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The measles outbreak : OK so I've been vaccinated for measles as a child.. I've never had measles... So here's the question... When my daughter is born in about two months, does she need a vaccination? Don't the antibodies in me transfer over to her? Just a thought... I'm going to ask my doctor about this soon...

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No, the immunity is not passed on the child will need his or her own vaccination ASAP.


Get her vaccinated.


measles arnt so bad really. i would ask the doctor because i don't think that will work that you had a jab. measles are terrible if you are pregnant.

Right measles are aren't bad until you have brain damage eye damage respiritory damage or death..other than that it's a fucking breeze.

@Charlene i thought the first time it was just a childhood desease/i know i had it when i was a baby.

@LeighShelton really? Are you sure it wasn't German measles?..a much less dangerous form of measles? I had German Measles as a issues other than a fever and discomfort..
There are more than enough quack recommendations out there without people blithely say No big deal. Measles is NOT something to be taken lightly.

@LeighShelton I had measles, german measles(rubella) and being allergic to penicillin, it was a fucking nightmare that I remember to this day.
Small pox has been eradicated by immunisation, likewise Polio (almost) an only hangs on in a few religious communities who feel letting a child be crippled must be gods will and must therefore not be prevented.
Anti Vaxxers are at best fools at worst down right evil

The main problem with German measles is when a pregnant woman is exposed to it,(even one who has been immunized or has had the disease herself) she may not suffer much, but the child can be born sterile, brain damaged, blind and a whole host of other nasty consequences.
This is why there is such a concerted effort to wipe it out.

@LenHazell53 thats what i thought

@LenHazell53, @Charlene ive never heard of just measles. i thought they were Grman measles

@Charlene German Measles causes deformities in unborn children as you blithely walk around unvaccinated.
"Regular" measles can cause the victim to be blind, etc, as noted in other posts. Yes, German Measles is a day at the beach, relatively speaking, for the carrier. Just not so much for any pregnant women and their unborn kids within a wide radius!

@LeighShelton Rubella is the correct term for German measles where as the medical name for actual Measles is Rubeola, for clarity in the UK Rubeola is simply known as Measles or 10 day Measles, and German Measles as Rubella or 3 day measles.
Hence the triple vaccine being known as MMR (Mumps, Measles and Rubella)

@AnneWimsey I know about being dangerous for pregnant woman as mentioned

@LeighShelton and I thought they different strains of Rubella..


Your baby gets 2 types of immunity from you. 1 she gets from growing inside you but that declines over 6-8 weeks that’s IgG primarily. All of your previous immunizations and illnesses.
Breast milk gives her IgA but that’s only in her digestive tract not blood.
So she has some protection but not enough. She needs immunizations.
1st Measles is at 12 months approx

Here’s the childhood schedule

CDC is invaluable
You can look up and learn about any known illness


Antibodies do not transfer over..they're stopped by the your baby doesn't have your exact blood type. Also she/he won't be elegable for it for a year..

Not exactly

@darthfaja how so "not exactly"

@Charlene read my reply above 😊

@darthfaja thanks for clearing that up..

@Charlene never a problem


She needs a vaccination check out with pediatrician

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