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The last two days, opponents to Madero have taken to the streets of Caracas, Venezuela in protest. The protests have been violent.

During the last two years, we have seen the economy of Venezuela go down the proverbial tubes. Hyperinflation, food and fuel shortages have become extreme. A so-called legitimate election in the beginning of the year saw American-backed Juan Guaido elected into office. Madero challenges the results of the election, but there is no reason to believe him given his past history. But there is no reason to believe the election results either given quality control in Venezuela to begin with.

American proponents of Guaido claim that Venezuela's failure is due to the failure of Socialism as a viable government structure. But these critics fail to tell you is that its not Socialism that brought Venezuela down, its the US.

Under the previous leader, Hugo Chavez, an outspoken critic of the US, Venezuela began its decline. Not because of Chavez' government but because of US sanctions. 84% of Venezuela's income is derived from oil and gas exports. The US is the biggest buyer of Venezuela's oil and gas. When Chavez began challenging American intervention into their economy, the US began exacting tarriffs and sanctions on Venezuela's oil and gas. Because oil and gas was the primary source of econimic revenue, the sanctions and tarriffs decimated Venezuela's economy. The trend continued and increased under Madero until such time as Venezuela was destroyed economically.

Opponents to Venezuela's style of govrrnment will contend it is because of Socialism is a failuring system of government in every case. The people in the know realize Socialism didn't fail because of the nature of how Venezuela was structured. It failed because the US put an economic tourniquet on Venezuela. One the country was unable to weather.

The less intelligent of the proponents to regime change believe the US government's byline. Yhat its because they are afraid of the word Socialism. They have no idea of the context or that mechanations orchestrated by. Bolton, Pompeo, and Trump behind the scenes to interfere and destroy a sovereign country beyond our borders. The government is guily of dishonesty about their interference, the proponents of regime change are guilty of willfull ignorance.

t1nick 8 May 1

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Always the poor, innocent people suffer. We need to change our laws. If Bolton, Pompeo, and Trump wants to change the political leadership of Venezuela - let them do it, hire some killers and proceed. Let the decent everyday people live! It sounds inhuman, but basically this idea saves lives.

zesty Level 7 May 2, 2019

Virtually the only people backing Maduro are countries like Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba and Iran so what are you talking about. Venezuela failed because socialism just doesn’t work. Chavez and Maduro were both ruthless socialist dictators.

Rubbish. The US should keep the fuck out and let people elect whom they want.


I wonder will Guaidó turn out be another American puppet if he manages to get control?

Those poor people! Screwed either way.

He already is given the type of backing from the sources in the US.

Venuzeula is screwed due to sanctions. Just another in a long list of victim countries.

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