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Still can't copy/paste... I'm not all that computer savoy, is there perhaps some setting on my computer that needs adjusting?

Captain_Feelgood 8 May 2

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just noticed that i can paste again.


I have also found copy / paste with the mouse doesn't work reliably on this site, so I use cntrl c and cntrl v. Copy paste still works everywhere else.

Well that does work.. Man, thanks very much.. I wonder why the old method (right click, paste) doesn't any more..

@Captain_Feelgood I'm glad I could help.


My first thought is how old is your mouse? They can wear out. If menus don't apper whnen you right click, it may be tiem for a new one.

You can Google "How to copy and paste" for directions. In fact you cn do that for most questions aobut how to do something you don't know how to do on the computer. The advantage is that you get several results, so if you cant' understand one of them, you can go on to the next.

You can also find instructional videos on Youtube for almost enything you want to do. How to do things on the computer. How to do things on your specific model of phone. I've used it to find videos on how to care for, train and trim our grape vines out in the yard. There are also videos for most home iprovement projects and how to repair household items. Again, I usually watdh more than one video on whtever i want to do, and go with the consensus rather than just a single op9inion. My sister said she foud a video instruction on how to repair a specific problem with her sons electric piano. Soem fideos are very specific.

It is also helpful to keep all of your owners manuals in one place, so if you have any poblems you can find them. If you can't find an owners manual, if you Google the product and model number most owners manuals are online and can be downloaded in PDF format..

Hope all this helps you.

Perhaps you didn't notice my own response below... I can still do it on other sites, just not this one. So it's not really a 'computer' issue per say, but maybe a website settings issue. Is there somewhere on this website where one can adjust settings on performing tasks like copy/paste, etc.

Well what do you know... it's back to working now.. thanks for trying though. 👍


I can still do it on other sites so I doubt it.

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