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"Screen time" special ABC news with Diane Sawyer was aired May 3. We have entered into an era where technology overrides humanity. Children are being affected, our pets are even reacting to it and our relationships with people are being destroyed every day because of it. When is it too much, & can our communication breakdown be turned around. On a personal note, my phone is just that.. a phone, nothing more. It is a choice simply due to what was mentioned in this special. I refuse to have my humanity be taken away by technology. Whether you agree or not.. it does make one think about how it's affecting your personal life & what can be done to change it.


mistymoon77 9 May 5

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I don't know... I tend to be skeptical of these "reports".

And I think the contrary to the idea that we have had a communication breakdown. My kids are on their phones a lot but they are communicating with their friends even when they don't see them.

My son, for instance, has friends in Massachusetts, Florida
and Wisconsin that he has been talking to for 10 years now. They have never met but are very good friends.

When I was his age that would have been a pen pal. But I guarantee you he knows more about those friends than I ever would have known about a pen pal.

My daughter plays club volleyball with girls from all around our area. She's been on 3 different teams yet she remains friends with all those girls because of her phone.

I explained to her that when I was a kid there was no way I would have been able to keep up with all those teammates. Once the season was over many of those relationships would have ended.

So there are positives to this technology. And like it or not our kids are living with it. Railing against it is a waste of time.

When I was a kid we were accused of spending too much time in front of the TV. The more things change the more they stay the same.

This "special" is the ABC News equivalent of click bait...

I would suggest you watch the entire 2 hour show. There is a lot of information coming from many sides on how and what is really happening with this all.


It's super hard because this phone is used for my business and my family. We don't have a home phone per se, so if someone needs to call, this is the only way they can reach me. During the day, I leave it on so my wife and kids can reach me. I only turn it off at night when I'm teaching. But I try very hard not to look at it when my kids are around and just engage with them.


Don't forget where the onoff button is. Humanity was free when the phone was attached to the wall.

Yes.. we had more free time on our hands.. literally and figuratively speaking.


I feel exactly the same. I don't have good coverage in the house and have to go outside to get even 2 bars. The cell phone is only used when I go off island or need it someplace on-island (which is rare). I have never been a phone person and prefer dealing with people directly.

Very much so.. I won't tolerate anyone who keeps looking at their phone when we are out somewhere. I am not gong to play second fiddle to a piece of technology.

@mistymoon77 Good for you. It can be really unnerving to be with another yet not be with them. Seems like some people get addicted to their phones.


"can our communication breakdown be turned around."

Yes, through education. As the mother said in the interview that after the experiment with her child, she had no idea until that experiment how much her time of the phone affected her child. It was an eye-opener for her.

That is the key word right there, education.. people don't realize just how many hours they spend on it until they did the research about it. On average they are saying some spend up to 12 hrs or more total in one given day.


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