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Random thought: People often say "god speed" as a way of wishing you a fast passage of something. So I had a random thought about that phrase, god speed. If we think that god is imaginary, then the speed of god (god speed) would also be imaginary. As an imaginary number, that would leave us with the square root of -1, not very useful for the magnitude of "god speed." But conflating ideas with imaginary, it would be anything we could conceive. This would mean that it is equally useless as it could be anything. So when somebody wishes you "god speed," I could misconstrue it as very slowly. Now I'm not sure how well-meaning my friends were being. I really need to stop considering things after grading too many term papers and my brain is twice-fried.

PadraicM 7 May 8

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No, not quite right. The phrase is actually God’s peed. More about evacuation than velocity!


A great spell to banish constipation. "People often say "god speed" as a way of wishing you a fast passage of something...."


Of course it could simply be the old Viking English word.
In Norwegian good is actually god, so god speed would be a wish for you not to be delayed.
How mundane!


I believe you may be right for this reason:
speed equals distance divided by time, so god speed is the distance to god divided by the time taken to reach god
According to Christian tenets God is omnipresent and so is zero distance from anything and everything taking zero time to reach it 0/0= 0 god speed
According to Einstein matter dilates the closer it gets to light speed ( C ) at which point it becomes energy
If ( c ) is the maximum speed and (0) is the total absence of speed then it is likely that (0) is the point where energy coalesces back in to matter that is absolutely stationary.
Something a god speed would not move at all, and the rotating universe would fly past it and leave it behind.


Maybe it's a misprint and should have read "God's peed" and the road is therefore muddy, so you are advised to fly.


We already know it makes no sense . WHat's a better phrase to use ? Jet off ? Wings for your feet ? Safe arrival ? Hurry along ?

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