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Reason vs. Intuition

Here are a couple of questions to think about. Better yet, don’t think about them. Just supply what your intuition tells you. They are not trick questions.

Question #1) In 3 minutes 3 machines make 3 widgets. How many widgets will 10 machines make in 10 minutes?

Question #2) I am driving from my home to the airport 50 miles away. I have driven half way there at 25 mile per hour and the second half at 75 miles per hour. What was my average speed?

Now instead of intuition, take your time and figure them out!

Reason wins every time!

SleepingOnABoat 7 May 8

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  1. If all machines work independently it would be 30 complete widgets plus 10 partially done
    2 - 37.5 miles per hour I think, but not using a calculator 60x(50/(60+20)), so don't trust me.

Classic false cross multiplication in both cases XD

Yep, that's what I got for both.


I am glad that I have left this kind of questions behind since I left school. You guessed it: I was terribly at math...


For question #2, there are two different averages, average speed for time, average speed for distance (total distance over total time). They give different numbers, but they are both valid.

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