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Drives me nuts when I see someone and I can't help but think I should know them.

Honorabledougn 6 May 11

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I have occasional problems with this too. I’ll usually apologize and say I don’t recall them (I taught middle and high school - kids change as they grow up).
When they tell me their name I’ll say - You're Right!


Have trouble with names but not faces welcome to getting older


I have always been bad with names. I remember faces instead.

At a grocery store, a woman said, "Kathleen! So good to see you!" We hug. I remember her, but not her name, After we ran into each other four times, I feel embarrassed to ask her name.

Once I asked a woman to spell her name as a ploy. "Pat Smith."

Over 10,000 people attended my training seminars in my first seven years of business. They all know me. Fuuuuk!

Driving up the Methow River in the dark, my car breaks down. Dark houses. I choose a house with lights. Huge barking dog is throwing itself at the door inside.

Visions of death.

"Down, Rebel! NO!" a deep male voice said. The door opens.

"Why, Kathleen Miller! What are you doing here?" a smiling woman exclaimed. "Come on in."

Stephanie, a nurse at Lake Chelan Hospital, had attended three of my seminars. She drove me to Twisp where I gave a seminar. Spend the night at her house.



Good idea. Unfortunately, I rarely carry my smart phone. Too heavy, especially with my broken toe.


Drives me nuts when somebody knows my name and I don't have the slightest idea who they are.

I got that all the time. Still do.


(Not to sound like your mother, but...) Just wait until you're older! SIGH.

LoL. Too late. I'm horrible with people in general.

@Honorabledougn Already? advice would be to admit it FIRST THING. You can call it a ''disability'' and people will be forced to forgive you. There! Problem solved!


Happens to me every morning when I look in the bathroom mirror.

Jnei Level 8 May 11, 2019

Then I look down and I'm

@Honorabledougn HAH!

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