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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the block feature. It's such a lovely invention.

OpposingOpposum 9 Mar 10

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I was blocked for a time then the person who blocked me reread the message and released the block. Being a public forum I would think that each of us would have the courtesy to respect each other and not say anything that shows ourselves to be too stupid. Meaning I get caught up in what I am trying to say and since I am dyslexic get stuff turned around. I would not say anything to upset anyone, don't have the genetic makeup to do so. I may recommend something, or refer to an experience I have had to make a point but I would think everyone would give everyone else the benefit of the doubt. Then I could be wrong as I cannot speak for everyone.


Oh it's wonderful. I just can't waste my time on the knobheads. I'm up to 13.


Isn't it just? The old saying goes "the best thing about the internet is absolutely anyone can say anything they want on it, and the worst thing about the internet is absolutely anyone can say anything they want on it." Thanks to the block button, we don't have to read it though!

Jnei Level 8 Mar 10, 2018

Having a private moment of silence

Lol. I can still see you.


I'm sorry. I can't read this. Are you even there anymore? Blindbird?!? Wuz it sumthin' Ah sayud?!?!?

Honestly I'm just trying to imagine what this person would have had to say or send you to get blocked. Do I want to ask?!?

Also, I'm depending on YOU to defend the newbs from the "underground" of evangelical atheists who have blocked me.

The prudes...well, flock them all anyway...that's a completely different breed of unbeliever fundamentalist.

Being awful for the sake of being awful. I have no problem with someone calling me out on my BS or teasing humorously but when you're just nasty without any humor or insight. Buh-bye

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