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The Correlation between Ignorance and Obedience

St-Sinner 8 May 28

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Yes, that is why Trump won. The poor and uneducted voted for him in droves.


trump didnt say "I love the poorly educated" for noting


You might get an argument from some dog owners. 🙂

lerlo Level 8 May 28, 2019

Don't question, obey without question, trust your betters,
I was bombarded with this bullshit all my childhood, I didn't believe it them, I despise it as a form of totalitarian brain washing now.


New American Police State mantra: "Ignorance is Bliss. No Sense Makes Sense."


Which is kind of why Reagan cut education when he was Governor of California, and again while he was president.

The lesson Republicans learned from Vietnam is that peopel know too much, so they weren't so willing to serve in a war. So, they cut education and change education so that thyey teach what to think instead of how to think.

Yeah, amazing isn't it 😣

My dad told me I was too smart to be in the Army...he knew...


How very true.

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