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‪Another embarrassment from Trump. You don’t ever criticize a former Vice President on a foreign land as he did in Japan. It shows no respect, no class, totally unpresidential and it’s non of the foreign country’s business. What an asshole!‬

Charliesey 7 May 28

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Space aliens and foreigners, watch so many old re-runs of The Simpsons, The Three Stooges, South Park, American Dad, and Family Guy, that they expect Americans to be stupid. I doubt the Japanese expected anything less from Trump!


And we're supposed to believe "low-IQ individual" were the words of Kim Jung Un? If Kim actually said this, it was just to play 45. He's the most easily played dupe on Earth. Our foreign policy is being steered by people (often dictators) who can flatter or suck up to this idiot.


Why does any of you except anything else


Money can't buy class...he is so uncouth...


Total asshole always


Indeed. When Lindsey Graham thinks something is in poor taste, it's downright disgusting. Many Republicans have voiced concerns, dismay, and when loyalty seems to have taken a hit. And rightfully so.

(Isn't it sad, however, that it took all this time, and something not nearly as offensive of much of his jackassery, to finally get a rise out of Republicans? It's all just obscene at this late date. His cult-followers ate this up, however. smh)

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