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I don't even believe in Gosh!

Coffeeman 7 June 3

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Just one of many words given to us by nineteenth-century preachers, to keep us from "saying the Lord's name in vain", e.g. Dad Gum, Dagnabbit, Gull Darnit, Gee Whiz, Jeezo-Pete, Gull Dangit, Dang Me, Durnt, etc. When Jesse James was still a Confederate guerilla, he accidentally shot off the tip of one of his fingers, while cleaning a revolver. He is supposed to have remarked:"That's the Durnt Dingus wound I ever did see!" For that reason, he was nicknamed "Dingus" by his comrades.


Well, gosh golly gee!


I thought gosh means you have a speech impediment.


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