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Its happening. Now all I need is about £10k to make this house liveable and I'll be sorted 😉

Amisja 8 June 8

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Little by little it'll come together.


Go for it


The process can be fun if you give yourself time. Don't be in a rush.



I’d love to come and help but I’m really busy that weekend


I am sure we can find another weekend 😉

@Amisja Dammit - I seem to be busy that weekend too!

I’ve just and finally had an offer accepted on a home: we’ve rented these last 12 years. Will be very nice to stop paying someone else’s mortgage. In jersey property transactions all go through court on a Friday afternoon. I have to wear a suit and tie or the ‘court cannot hear you’, raise my right hand and swear some stuff in Jersey French.

Obviously that’s all very efficient and sensible...

@OwlInASack haha good luck. Nice we are both getting there!

@Amisja yeah delighted. I’ve got my own garden at last! Raised beds. Fruit trees. Flowers.

@OwlInASack Well invite us over!

@Amisja right you are. From you the easiest is EasyJet from Liverpool. You can get a return for unde £100 if you book it in advance...

Would be ace!

@OwlInASack It really would.

@Amisja well once we’re both in and settled...


Love the colour of your walls ! With you in sprit as we are doing my sons room whilst he is away. Included repairing broken plug sockets, replastering a wall and total repaint. Petit a petit, as we say in France.

Tilia Level 7 June 8, 2019

Me too!


Congrats. I'm sure you already know this but make certain anyone you hire is licensed and you have a written contract.

Hire for what? There is only one person doing any of are talking to her! 😉


Welcome home!


Take your time. I’m still finishing my house since 1979

Its a huge old Victorian end terrace. We'll be at it forever

@Amisja There no shame in that.

@ADKSparky Oh I know


Finally opening that banana store you've always dreamed of?


Banana boxes are the best storage boxes ever! Really sturdy and the supermarkets recycle tons of them


Exciting! Have fun getting it just how you like it 🙂 that’s the best part for me.


I am full of envy. Fantastic to be starting afresh. I hope you are happy there.

Its actually my house. Its a long story but I was basically forced out. I'm going home x

@Amisja Even better. A new start anyway.


Save the large cardboard cartons. You can put cloths over them and use them as temporary side tables, perhaps with a lamp on them.

Good idea

We were so poor when I was a kid, we often used boxes for furniture. Usually boxes of my books, which I insisted on taking with us wherever we moved.

@davknight aww. We actually have tons of furniture. We are basically combining two homes. We have at least two of everything.

@Amisja Not my idea. It's what my daughter did after buying her first house on a mortgage, in London, aged just 24. She had worked out every last penny of expenditure, including her food, and had nothing at all to spare at the time.

@Petter I got my first mortgage at 19. Unfortunately I have always ended up with men who are awful with money!

@Amisja At least my daughter was lucky on that score. He future husband was also buying a house.


Best wishes. Enjoy the work; anything gets frustrating, just take a break for a while.


Yep gonna take some time

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