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β€œAcross from where?” πŸ˜‚

BohoHeathen 8 June 9

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I had a similar experience in college...I went rushing fraternities with a guy on my floor in the dorm and one was a Jewish fraternity. When we were leaving, he asked me, "Was that a predominantly Jewish fraternity?" I said yes and he said, "do you think I'm Jewish?" I said, "well you are wearing a chai" []
He said, "oh, my girlfriend bought that for me, she said it looks like a monkey."

lerlo Level 8 June 9, 2019

@Alvinsmama it got a laugh out of me too when he said it. Believe me.


"A cross from Kay Jewelry. "
"Oh, the Dollar store."




This is to funny! 😁


And the rest of the conversation turns into an Argument


Reminds me of 2 daughter age 9 goes into a big Des Moines Iowa cathedral sees a holy water font and she says: " daddy why is there a big marble bird bath in here ? "

Ernie sez to Dan in the Ghostbustersmobile : " Ray, do you believe in gawd ? Ackroyd answers NEVER MET HIM


Now that is funny ! πŸ™‚



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