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I just read a post that was talking about how we don't remember what we read. I got to thinking about how since I got my cell phone, I don't remember phone numbers like I used to. Who else has this problem?

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Enchanter 6 June 9

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I feel like your brain sort of sets priorities - unless you have a good reason for actively remembering a phone number, then you delegate it. Sort of like looking up conversions/other info because you have access to it, especially when you're not regularly using it & need to memorize it.


A good pneumonic for phone numbers is to make a word out of the number, and commit the word to memory.


I remember every phone number I needed to remember before I had a cell phone, I just stopped learning phone numbers after that.


you didnt used to have something to carry around that had phone numbers in them, so you had to remember them...just like now that condoms are not behind the counter anymore you don't have to go up to the druggist and wink while saying can I have a box of aspirin please πŸ™‚

lerlo Level 8 June 9, 2019

The reason is that we don’t because we no longer have that need. And, more to the point, we often don’t try to remember them.


Gotten lazy

Me too!


I save phone numbers in my phone with the name. I don’t really have to remember them. True even of people I call quite frequently, because all I have to do is tap their name on the touchpad. That said, I do remember some phone numbers, but it’s random, and usually because the number has some sequence or pattern that etches itself in my memory.


Who can forget 867 5309


I only remember my own phone number usually, or food joints I call on a regular basis for delivery.

I have a better time recalling information if I use that information on a regular basis. My memory is toast these days so I forget everything really quickly.


The only phone number I remember is from when I was a child: 663-6061.


I remember certain phone numbers I make a point to remember and random numbers from throughout my life. I can't seem to forget my home phone from when I was 12.

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