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I'm an atheist, however I go to a Buddhist Temple for meditation classes. I really like listening to the monks give their lectures. I can't grasp some of their beliefs but the peace is amazing. And it's like when we were younger and used to get all fucked up and lay on our backs and contemplate the meaning of life. They have the answers to all of those questions.
And I think it's awesome how they don't worship a god. Buddha statues are not worshiped, they're just symbols. They show you how to find peace within ourselves. Very interesting.

superdave 4 Nov 12

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I enjoyed the meditative equivalent of yoga (hatha), too. If it ever got too woo I'd find another instructor.


Yes! Meditation in a group setting can be an amazing experience. I really enjoy and utilize Buddhist philosophy in my daily life.


Doesn't it have a metaphysical nature, like reincarnation and karma? Or do you just focus on the non-metaphysical parts?

I could see using Buddhist meditation techniques and teachings of peace just like those of Jesus in Unitarian Church that 'play down' the metaphysical aspects. But it does seem a philosophically blurry place for an atheist/agnostic.

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