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Quick rant: Why do companies bother to ask me when I'm available for an interview, then when I tell them, they turn around and tell me that time isn't available, and I can only interview on THEIR schedule? Is this a control thing? An "I'll show you who's boss!" thing? It's so freaking annoying, and they all seem to do it.

Ms_McSteven 7 June 13

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If company X is not willing to work out a schedule to accommodate you around your work schedule, would you even bother with it. Seems to me that would not be a place that is employee friendly.


They are looking for the expected reply "at your convenience" the go to response of the professional toady


If they tell you "Sorry, but we can't use you", respond with " That's okay, because I'm not here to be 'used' by you either!"
What makes employers think the rest of Humanity are 'commodities', to be "used", and disposed of?


Yes. It's a generic total disregard for a prospective employee. Sometimes they want 5 or 6 interviews, etc. I am lucky I have a job. I get quite a few recruiter calls and virtually all the companies have no respect for prospective employees.

@Ms_McSteven piss on them jess saying

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