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My ex-stepkids are coming In August from Texas for two weeks. My 2 year old son is their half brother. Their dad lives 25 min away from me in an efficiency apartment and hasn't seen them since christmas. I bonded with them while we were married for 5 years and used to financially support them via child support and health insurance and gifts, summer camps, travel expenses for visits, etc while we were married as he was a student and didn't work. Now he is still a student. I made the plan on my own. Their mom and I area friends and she supports it. The ex has shown zero interest in seeing them and has told me that he has no money to spend on them. They have asked me multiple times if they will be seeing their father while they visit us. So Im trying to plan the visit now and I have taken the two weeks off of work. I want them more than anything to spend time with their little brother. Im debating taking them on a glamping trip but hesistant because I would be alone with three kids, one a toddler. Any advice here?

Lauraleigh39 6 June 19

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So i talked to my ex this am the one morning a week he takes our son to daycare. I told him that his kids keep asking me if they will see him when they come here. He told me he doesnt have the means to see them. I said...well you have a car and you are on break from school. He then said he doesnt want to spend time with them at my house or my parents house bc it makes him feel awkward. I said well you can take them to a park. Then he said well what if they get hungry? I have no money to feed them. I told him i was providing for them. Then he said they should not even be coming and its too much hastle. I ended the conversation. He hasnt seen them in 6 months.

So hard for me to relate with him. I stayed way too long in my marriage to not lose time with my kids. I fought to keep a 2-2-3 schedule when we divorced so I wouldn't have to go more than 3 days without seeing them. I'd gladly take them more than 50% of the time. Their mother works nights and I offer to take them nights she works. They are my world. I couldn't imagine going 6 months without seeing them. That's so crazy to me.


What a great mom you are....reminds me of my blended family 20 years ago when my daughter was 4 and her half sister 13....don't let shame and poverty be an excuse for your ex to avoid his children....he can push them for free in swings at parks walking distance from where he lives....he can go to a local food bank and get kids favorite foods for a meal or two or picnicking....he can sell blood to get money for a hot pizza delivered....sell some of his old books ....but don't force the children on him ....just encourage him to be a dad according to his means ....if he asks you for money HELL NO ....HAVE FUN WITH SWEET KIDS THAT age


Just be careful but can be fun

bobwjr Level 9 June 19, 2019
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