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Curvy girl problems

(Note: I’m curvy. It’s a funny joke. Don’t attack me for being insensitive. This actually happens.)

Marcie1974 8 June 20

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I'd be more upset about what happened to the cookies, and why didnt i get 1 or 2 of them

Proto Level 6 June 21, 2019

I make sure I'm crumb-free before anything comes off.


So funny! Been there.



bobwjr Level 9 June 20, 2019

I lost an earring once...found it, AND the back, inside my bra!



Crumbs...I can have half of Tesco's bakery counter down mine!

Amisja Level 8 June 20, 2019

We get crumbs in our chest hair.


I dropped a piece of chewing gum out of my mouth when I was laughing recently....and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was in the back seat of a friend’s car and thought it had fallen on the seat or the floor....searched around but couldn’t see it anywhere. Hours later I wondered why my top seemed to be puckered at one side and found the chewing gum attached to the bottom right hand cup of my bra and had stuck blouse to bra! At least I was happy to know where it had gone!

Best. Story. Ever.

@Marcie1974 glad you liked!


My well-endowed mother joked about her shelf. Lunch.

I laughed when a pencil fell through the front of my shirt. Sheesh.

All body types have their quirks! Lol

@Marcie1974 No kidding! When I was younger I would clench a pencil in my teeth when I showered in case I accidentally stepped wrong and slid down the drain!

@Marcie1974 the doctor said he would not need the x-ray machine and just stood me in front of a bright lamp.

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