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Does anyone know of anything practical we can do to help the detained children at the border? It is stomach turning and appalling what's going on, how do we stop it? Or minimum get those babies proper care? Or ensure they have blankets, or something, anything. Practical ways we can help? Anyone?

CommonHuman 7 June 21

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Vote in the 2020 election is one way, but let's hope there is a much quicker solution.


Support the wall so they won't die trying to get here.

gater Level 7 June 21, 2019

A wall would make no difference … they’d next drown coming ashore off small boats in the night … or suffocate inside shipping containers or semi-truck trailers.. We need solid, consistently enforced Legal Immigration policy that’s less easily jerked around by presidential administrations..

@Varn We do need better policies, but a wall would help

A wall helps nothing but those too weak to use logic.

@Varn ummmm, The Great Wall of China, 20' wide, 5,000 miles long, 20' high or higher, the only man-made structure big enough to be seen from space. How many people did it keep out over the centuries? NONE! Wall, my ass......

@AnneWimsey Me: “A wall would make no difference.

@Varn that was for gater & everybody else who thinks a wall is a good idea......


It would have to go through the government. So as I see it, sadly, there is nothing we can do.


People have gone there to try and help, and have been forcibly turned away by guards and gates. This whole thing keeps getting crazier !

Well crap. There goes my hope of helping.


Yes - Support Democrat candidates who intend to get tuff - and stay tuff on illegal immigration. Take this issue away from the Republicans, they will lose control, and less hostile policies will prevail.

Varn Level 8 June 21, 2019

Send them back, wherever they came from.

zesty Level 7 June 21, 2019

Honey some of them are fleeing gang death squads in south America drug gangs they don't hesitate to kill children

This is not practical, immediate, or humane.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I wish that had happened to your family ATM.

@bobwjr Maybe this is the case. However we are not responsible and in my opinion this is not our business.

@1of5 Thanks. My best to you, too.

"where they came from" - no longer exists

@MayQueen It is an agnostic site. Not everybody is liberal or brain dead socialist here.

@MayQueen, @evergreen Unfortunately it does exist. Some South American shit hole.

@zesty if you support this administration in any way, you are as responsible as the actual officers carrying out these policies.

@AnneWimsey Considering the Democrats this administration is perfect!

@zesty ummm, "some South American shithole"???
Sorry, Our ICE agents & children/infants the USA ripped from their families for daring to seek asylum. (A legal right, BTW)

@AnneWimsey You want to pay all their expenses? Please feel free to do so. I rather enjoy the fruits of my lifetime hard work. BTW, crossing the border illegally is definitely not a legal right!

@zesty ummm, most of these desoerate families presented themselves at the proper border points and requested asylum, as is the law. Ever hear of karma? Your ill-wishing, towards CHILDREN, makes me glad you are far away from me....and BTW, the taxpayers Are paying all their expenses from the day they were seized, and until "whenever".

@AnneWimsey Well, I pay a third of my income in taxes. Just the income tax. Expect to spend this moneys to develop science and technology, medical research and improve our military. We cannot help everybody all over the planet and especially shouldn't let unskilled, uneducated people to invade out country just because they are stupid and vote Democrat.

A branch of my family came here escaping WWII. If the laws were then what they are now, my family would've been treated as these poor people have. My family has been enthusiastically patriotic, hard working, business building pillars of the community. If it were up to you they would have died at the hands of mussolini.

@zesty ummm, many are the cream of the crop...doctors, lawyers, engineers, people with the vision to want a better life. Your ASSumptions about their education are revolting, your ill-wishing "because they deserve it" is absolutely disgusting! Except for an accident of birth, it could be you & yours. Hubris is So unattractive!

@AnneWimsey How many of these children did you adopt? Keep them at your house, feed them, pay all their expenses? Ten, hundred? Talk is cheap!

@zesty when your "logic" is patently just thinly disguised nastiness, always go personal.........

@AnneWimsey Look who is talking! You stupid little mind, look just what you wrote to me earlier. So, don't you want to spend your time and money? No adaption?


They are detained for their own good......most did not cross the border illegally with parents ...often crossing with strangers or worse sex traffickers dope runners gun soon as an approved host family can be located the children are driven or flown to a home ....if you speak Spanish and have a bedroom available for 2 girls or 2 boys....thus you might qualify to help illegal alien children

I'm saying some they're in custody they're sleeping on concrete floors and being treated worse than dogs. I want to help, i'm just unsure how.

I wish i did speak Spanish. I'd take them in.

@CommonHuman I wonder if any are from Brazil ? The poor speak Portuguese and some rich people speak ESPERANTO


No unfortunately government will block unless ACLU or others with pull intervene

bobwjr Level 9 June 21, 2019

I wish I did ....

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