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Trump threatens reporter with prison for some reason...
Why is his letter from Kim Jong Un so secret if he's showing it to reporters as evidence of...something? Is it actually blank, or fake?
What is the the point of showing reporters something "positive" you have done "off the record" and then threatening them with prison if they tell anyone about this positive thing that has happened? It just doesn't seem as if it can be that positive for some reason.

greyeyed123 7 June 21

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Here's another example Trump pretending to be signing bills that were actually just blank pieces of paper.


Didn't he just flash a sensitive document in front of reporters last week that someone got a picture of? And didn't he also force others to give his kids clearances they didn't receive?

Yeah, several security agencies recommended against giving his daughter and son-in-law security clearances, and he overrode them.

The document he flashed a couple of weeks ago was the agreement with Mexico, except the paper he showed the press was apparently blank (he didn't unfold it, but the sunlight through the paper didn't seem to indicate anything was written on it), and Mexico immediately said there was no agreement.

Just another insane, incompetent tactic to make himself look good that would have sunk any other national politician instantly in more rational times.


Donnie Con, the poor Lil Rich Don: " I'm the POTUS, n you aren't! I'm powerful, n you aint! Pick on me, will ya? I'll show you! I'm a powerful Don! Really I am!"

It was only a few days ago that he used that apparently blank piece of paper to declare an agreement with Mexico. It is no wonder reporters with a chance might try to take a picture of another such piece of paper--you know, just in case he's lying about it.

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