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In this picture we can observe one of the most dangerous animal in the world, resting at the side of a crocodile.

EllieUnique 7 June 22

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It makes sense to me.
Women are unquestionably the most dangerous species on earth. 😎

RichCC Level 7 June 23, 2019

On a different but related note, I remember a story my Park Ranger aunt told me years ago when she worked in the Glades.

A woman was sitting eating lunch when she heard a rustling under the picnic table. When she looked she saw a 6 foot alligator.
The woman shrieked and ran, badly scaring the gator. The woman ran one direction as fast as she could go while the alligator ran the other way even faster. The alligator knew who to fear. 😎


It probably a stuffed crock.


An idiotic one, at that......


Maybe the croc was just very well fed at the moment


That beast could do a mastectomy in one second


Not scared of either...luv u and I keep my distance from gators and crocs


Did you feed that beast lots of food full of tranquilizers???? You have me worried Ellie


It can't be real........can it?????

It seems legit to me

You're assuming it's alive and not tranquilized.

Not really...crocs are not totally irrational, see how gentle they carry their little ones, if she grew him from very little they can have a peaceful coexistence, the croc could recognize her.

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