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“If your response is “The parents should not have brought their children here illegally” know this...I hope that you never have to flee violence, poverty, or persecution with your children. And, if that day comes and you must, and your babies are forcibly removed from your arms, I will fight for you too.”

BohoHeathen 8 June 23

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Imagine for one second that where you have been all your life, where your job, your family, your friends are, has become Horrible. Unsafe, no future for your children, no water or food many days. So, you make the wrenching decision to go into the unknown, under the idea that "anything will be better than this".
Then you get to the beacon of hope, and they RIP your children from your arms.


This is some very scary stuff, I totally understand why any parents would fight maybe till death for their kids being taken away for them in such a manner


If only the issue was that simple...... MEXICO is pushing refugees from south of their borders to invade USA... THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS many of the children are NOT with parents and USA is protecting each as best they can overflowing their facilities capacity


We can't keep convicted felons in the conditions they're keeping immigrant children. Children are being treated worse than murderers. Worse than child abusers.

What does that say about the Trump administration's values? What does it say about their supporters?


The way that they are treating the migrant children the officials involved should be indicted and on trial by the International Criminal Court. It is very arguable that they are torturing them.


Absolutely true that was my duty in army protect the oppressed

bobwjr Level 9 June 23, 2019

Wasn't it to protect the construction? Lol

@zesty medic not engineers

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