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Public funds being diverted to illegal immigrants over American citizens, meanwhile Illinois is a recognized "exodus" state, like CA and NY. "[Illinois Democrat Gov.] Pritzker signed the legislation, HB 2040, as part of a three-part package to protect undocumented immigrants, as the state braces for Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that are expected in Chicago and nine other major cities starting Sunday. He also signed HB 1637, which prohibits local law enforcement from working with federal immigration enforcement and from removing undocumented immigrants from the US. The third piece of legislation in the package was HB 2691, which allows undocumented immigrants in Illinois to qualify for state financial aid." []

repubatheists 7 June 24

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Not just dreamers....The Land of Lincoln has become the land of Lorenzo busting union jobs in the pawn war against TrumpOLINI


It's hard to understand why they let this stuff happen.

Yes it is.

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