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Hey, does anyone else get up several times every night...????
Any suggestions on how to sleep better ?
Never knew how much I was awake each night until I got a fit bit for a gift... lol

By Buddha
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I wake up a lot through the night but go back to sleep pretty quickly. SOmetimes sleep is delayed. I have a 9 hour session of a thunderstorm on my kindle and the does the trick

btroje Level 8 Nov 13, 2017

I love thunder storms. Lol


Do not eat after 5pm. Do not drink caffeinated beverages after 1pm. Do not take hot baths any later than 3 hours before bedtime. Warm milk is helpful if not allergic. Sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome can cause difficulty sleeping. I have to say this as well. If you occasionally have trouble with sleeping there is something called the normal stress response. If you have an extremely stressful event in your life (a car accident, losing a job, etc) exactly 10 days from that day you will have a sleepless night.

Tecnoremix2001 Level 4 Nov 13, 2017

No, this is every night..


I have a messed up back so I wake up several times a night to find a new position that feels better.

I have sleep apnea and I'm actually going to the clinic on the 22nd for a sleep study.
My best suggestion, check with your doctor and see if he/she can help.

Paul628 Level 8 Nov 13, 2017

Good for you, for dealing with the problem and the second part is following their recommendations like getting a CPAP that made a world of difference for me.


I do not have the answer. I only sleep 2-3 hours a night and that's only after taking four muscle relaxers. If I had the money I would try marijuana. I also would appreciate any suggestions. It's been over twenty years for me.

orion Level 4 Nov 13, 2017

So, what is weighting so heavy on your mind that you cannot sleep? 2 to 3 hours is not even healthy unless you sleep several times a day.


I suffer from sleep apnea, which could also explain your situation. Mention your problems to a physician and they can refer you to a sleep/respiratory specialist. They might just give you sleeping pills or have you fitted for a CPAP machine.
In addition, I also find I need to distract my active mind sometimes and the sound of a fan or quiet music can help with that.

11Novelist Level 5 Nov 16, 2017

I guess I'm not alone..
I'll be thinking of all of you at night!! smile001.gif

Buddha Level 7 Nov 13, 2017

it comes with age. I get up to pee, and when the train goes by.

MichaelSpinler Level 7 Nov 14, 2017

I had been awakening several times during the night to urinate. I finally went to a sleep specialist and had a sleep study. Yes, you guessed it, I have sleep apnea. This M.D. told me that the body under the circumstances of not getting good sleep will produce a substance which will increase urination. After several appointments to find out how to get the most benefit, my C-PAP was put on automatic, it goes through several pressure levels during the night to find the optimum pressure.

I_dont_know Level 7 Nov 14, 2017

I have some rare insomniac nights. I listen to NPR at a low volume and tht usually puts me to sleep.

One thing you might try is lots of exercise. Your body might sleep longer without waking in order to recover.

snytiger6 Level 7 Nov 14, 2017

I started to sleep much better after I started wearing a sleeping mask every night.

Dylan Level 5 Nov 14, 2017

Tried it, can't adjust to it..


[newsmax.com] I have heard good things about vitamin b6 with prostate hypertrophy

Tecnoremix2001 Level 4 Nov 13, 2017

Hey, thanks to all that replied to my post.
I'll give a try to the recommendations..
One thing for sure, I don't feel alone with that problem !! smile001.gif

Buddha Level 7 Nov 14, 2017

What's a Fit Bit?

HeathenFarmer Level 8 Nov 13, 2017

It's a smart watch that counts steels, heartbeat etc..
Reminds you to get up off your butt if you aren't moving enough.. lol

Sounds really annoying and totally unnecessary to my life.

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