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We’re in this together.

MissKathleen 9 June 25

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I go with the flow and follow the path of least resistance. I'm amoral that way.
BUT i enjoy telling the "truth," and doing the "right thing," regardless of whether I'm screwing myself by doing so.
This is my way of thumbing my nose to all those who protest ill treatment, but do the same thing to others when the moment of truth arises.
On the OTHER hand, I've been a hypocrite too. It's just when it occurs to me and I have a choice, I'll sometimes do the opposite of what my "human nature" tells me to do. Within reason.
My hat's off to others to do that without recourse to god, just to tell others what they think of them.
I don't think I should get a shout-out for being weird.


Oh my. All that "trying" sounds like you're expending a lot of effort. Somehow, I'm not putting out much effort at all. Of course, being retired helps a lot. But I'm just coasting along, making sure that every day brings some enjoyment and inner peace.

mischl Level 8 June 26, 2019

Oh, I don’t know, sometimes you CAN be

@MissKathleen OKAY, yes, sometimes I can be trying as hell. Sorry.

@mischl I hope we’re good enough friends by now that I can take the liberty of some teasing for unfounded reasons...

@MissKathleen I like it when girls tease me a little long as it pays off later.

@mischl LOL, Trust's not gonna "pay off".


Me too.

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