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Yeah in todays climate of hate

bobwjr 9 June 27

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Best to move to Portland.


No doubt a BS conservative-created meme to foment hate against someone for their appearance. This person is more likely a DevOps coder that out earns most of us on this site.

IT'S a joke!

@bobwjr Yeah, I know you think it is. but what's the point of posting it here? It's not at all funny. Posting something that foments hate, then hiding behind it as 'a joke" is pretty lame.

@Byrdsfan because in the climate of hate we need jokes to stay sane look at the detention camps

@Byrdsfan No, it's really funny.


Look in the mirror. No employer wants you to represent them, looking like that.

Employers make you cover your tattoos, including the Amy, Navy, Air Force and many others.

Joke not serious

I mean look bearded lady lol

@MayQueen Maybe not...I have two female friends that are heavily bearded like works in her own tattoo studio and the other is a chef at a posh restaurant in Texas...

We don't make people cover tattoos...nor do we hire based on appearance...but, we are a high tech company and I think we don't fit any particular image...we have had a lot of interesting people over the years

@MayQueen uhm...maybe friends both had a lot of body hair, including chest hair...might read this article in is more common than one would is called hirsutism



@MayQueen I am also not that brave....or should I say, I am much more conventional but that is fine as takes all kinds to make the world...

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