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I watched the BBC news and they discussed the way those children at the US border are being treated. We have our own demons when it comes to treating asylum seekers but nothing like this. I am not meaning to be critical but how can this be happening?

Amisja 8 June 27

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Why not be critical?

lerlo Level 8 June 28, 2019

Its not my place.

@Amisja pretty sure by talkin about demons and ours is not even comparing to that, is pretty critical 😁

@lerlo I would humby suggest that is factual. We have had scandals in detention camps and don't forget it was us Brits who invented concentration camps. However it is 2019, one would have thought we had learned our lessons.

@Amisja well maybe you have but racism abounds here and no one is safe if the majority is against them

@lerlo Racism is endemic everywhere. However, leaving children in such dire circumstances is wicked. When I lived in USA I was always impressed by the generousity of spirit I encountered. What happened?

@Amisja well we never had a racist president before and Republicans tend to be pretty conservative. It's not a good combination since Republicans control Congress and Congress runs the country. It's a pretty broad brush to blame all Americans for it since probably 70% of the people are appalled by it.

@lerlo Then 70% need to do something

@Amisja don't hold your breath...

@lerlo Oh I have faith in humans. There will be a tipping point.


I think it's happening because the threat to the immigration system is so big that if something is not done, they might as well just forget control and open the country to the world. Granted, what's being done at the moment is not the right response, to say the least. I'm told Obama had a different approach by not allowing the situation to develop. He just deported immigrants en masse. I think the government is desperately in need of ideas but the ideological divide hinders that happening.


In 1929, Section 1325 was added to U.S. Immigration Law by Senator Coleman Livingston Blease who was a white supremacist who defended lynching and segregation.

Though being present in the United States without authorization is considered a civil offense, similar to a traffic violation, section 1325 is what makes people who arrive in the U.S. without proper documentation open to criminal prosecution.

Section 1325 allowed the Trump Administration to enact “zero tolerance” policies for migrants who crossed the southern border illegally. This includes the highly controversial family separation policy.


Because we have a racist madman in the white house

bobwjr Level 9 June 27, 2019

We should ALL be critical. America is committing genocide in Yemen on behalf of Saudi Arabia. America has a disturbing track record of human annihilation. It's just usually not on U.S. soil.


Why is Trump blaming it on the Democrats....can someone explain his rationale. I know that’s probably an impossible thing to ask....getting inside his thought process, but just a basic outline will do.

because he can. There is a small thread of truth - Obama era ICE did separate children if the agents had good cause to believe the child was in danger - that is all Trump needs to lie knowing his supports will only hear that he is a hero and fake news is out to get him.

The 5 sociopaths I have known personally could never admit a mistake or admit they were wrong. I'm sorry was not in their vocabularies either. These are things which are not possible for these people. The smart ones might use these things as tools of manipulation, but Trump is not smart.

@Sticks48 yes...agree he’s definitely a sociopath...but as you say without the mental agility that most have for manipulation and cunning. How half of your compatriots believe he’s doing a good job is even more worrying!

@Marionville Yes it is. It really isn't half. It has averaged about 43% in the polls, but even that is scary high. I don't really understand it myself.

@Sticks48 I still think his primary support is due to his pro-birth stance and Mike Pence's presence.


...but how can this be happening?

People suck and if allowed to, unchecked, they will do horrible things to other people.

1of5 Level 8 June 27, 2019

I think I am an alien. I just do not understand how this is even possible. They are little ones.

@Amisja you just don't suck, is all.

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