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Racist Border Patrol Facebook group confirms all your worst suspicions

As I was begrudgingly collecting this week's gun violence stats, this appeared in my feed (it's MUCH worse than my worst fears, and those were pretty awful):

Racist Border Patrol Facebook group confirms all your worst suspicions

In part:

On Monday, investigative non-profit ProPublica dropped a bombshell report revealing a "secret" U.S. Border Patrol Facebook group full of racist and misogynist content targeting both migrant families and elected officials such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It's incredibly vile stuff, and confirms many of the worst suspicions regarding the agency accused of running "torture facilities."
Just what kind of content, exactly, does this 9,500-member strong Facebook group of reportedly current and former Border Patrol members champion? Why that would be memes mocking dead migrant children, photoshopped images of elected officials performing sex acts, and discussions of throwing things at elected officials who visit Border Patrol detention facilities.
ProPublica says it was able to link comments from several discussions in the group to "apparently legitimate" Facebook profiles belonging to confirmed members of the U.S. Border Patrol.
The Facebook group, which ProPublica reports was created in 2016, is titled "Iā€™m 10-15," a reference to Border Patrol's code for "aliens in custody."

*The entirety of the article is beyond vile. These people, nearly 1/2 of ALL Border Patrol Agents, deserve NOTHING but to be immediately fired, investigated and prosecuted. Yet another disgusting sub-group of the American enforcement community that fosters, promotes, aids & abets racism, mysogyny, hate and violence. šŸ˜–šŸ˜–šŸ˜–šŸ˜–


SeaGreenEyez 9 July 1

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I am not surprised Facebook allows 9500 racists to violate community standards while I was put in Facebook jail 30 days for calling cops who invaded sacred burial land violated by the KXL pipeline " w. A. c. I. c. h. u. S. " me get banned now .....Facebook loves murderers who buy advertising and uses victims as proof they won't tolerate free speech faux standards zionist zuckerberg loves sodastream slave labor camps in G a z a and racist Scarlett Johansson commercial paid actress


Racist Assholes are probably trumpers too

I think that Colombians are white. Why do you think that racism has anything to do with work ICE was entrusted with, ie protect American citizens?


Why doesn't Facebook do something about this dog poop?

You know! Free speech. (Which is B.S. Privately owned websites can do whatever they want. They don't want.)

@SeaGreenEyez yes, you're correct šŸ˜¶

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