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My state gets a bad rap about a lot of stuff, but I still think this is pretty true.

Tomfoolery33 9 July 9

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Fact .

GEGR Level 7 July 9, 2019

Y'all's roads are really bad.



Never been...


Yeah some good people there


I have met some pretty cool people from your state!


While I may have a great time, I'm not sure it would be reciprical. Duct tapping someone, throwing them in the trunk and dropping them off wherever I feel like it probably wouldn't be as much fun for them as me. But you never know, freaky people are everywhere.

1of5 Level 8 July 9, 2019

So what are you saying, exactly?

@tnorman1236 that I don't like the statement "it's probably your fault". So generally condescending.

Also that what I consider fun could be vastly different than what they consider fun, which is neither of ours fault.

@1of5 lol I think it was meant to say that there are lots of different options/people just as there are in most states...I am sure you could find someone who would enjoy the duct tape... 🙂

@1of5 It's just a jokey saying. Don't take it so seriously.

@tnorman1236 its probably your fault that I don't find it funny. 🙂

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