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If money was not thought of or deleted from the societies equation...like " star trek" think of what humanity could accomplish for the greater good of all mankind..animals and planet earth...if we stopped putting price tags on basic needs..how much healthier and intelligent would future generations evolve into?

By Ravenwolfcasey
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It's already happening, albeit slowly. We have intelligent machines that will do pretty much all the labor and thinking for us, meaning we won't have to work ever again as a species. We also have understood quantum mechanics to the point we are starting to replicate matter, When we can take any atom and turn it into another atom, we have Star Trek replicators. From there we will not need money as everything we want can easily be provided without anyone else so much as lifting a finger.

Sephris Level 3 Nov 19, 2017

We already have this technology but it's vastly suppressed by the government and people that want to keep everything for themselves


That will come with technology, AI, automation. People are retarded and believe in conservative views and feel poverty and animalistic living is perfectly normal. But if people work together in the right way you can do it. A lot of people have done it already, forming corporations and societies of very high living standards. Just sadly people can't work together without the force of money in America.

argo Level 4 Nov 19, 2017

bartering....swapsies......its still gain and greed....survival of the one with most potatoes...They who has the magic fire starter will rule.

properjesus Level 2 Nov 14, 2017

No cause all greedy scum wouldn't exist in the utopia I'm talking about


Lookup parecon and ressource based economy...

Casseus78 Level 2 Nov 14, 2017

I already know about it


Hmm perhaps? Would those with a propensity to overindulge in consuming food and drink, consume themselves into oblivion leaving the rest to evolve into superior humans? Possibly.

Treasurehunter Level 6 Nov 14, 2017



Everyone tells me that a society can't last without money. But it lasted for hundreds if not thousands of years without money as we know it now. We traded.

Poverty wasn't an issue until humans created money. With money came the class system. The nobles and upper class were wealthy and because they were wealthy, they had all the power. That unequal system has lasted into modern day.

There's no way to have a society without putting some form of value on things. But it doesn't need to be quantified by a monetary system.

ErichZannIII Level 7 Nov 14, 2017



I heard the phrase said that if it weren't for religions, our societies would be at least 1000 years more advanced. I don't know about 1000 but I do believe it would be a significant difference.

I think it's just natural for the barter system to evolve into a monetary system simply for convenience.

Why drag around a bunch of livestock to trade when you can just pass some gold coins back and forth?

Paul628 Level 8 Nov 14, 2017

There will always be trade and creates value. Some will always have more than others and crime will always exist.

As for Star Trek- Trade and gold pressed latinum.

Betty Level 7 Nov 14, 2017
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