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A number of times, now, I have posted or commented on the movement to make the US a Christian country, whether through changes in the education system, the Dominionism movement or politically. And, always someone will pop up and and say it won’t happen, suggesting that the threat is negligible.

Well here is another indicator that, there is pressure to move to a state religion in the US. []

(For the naysayers, consider how the Republican Party moved to create the conditions that gave rise to Trump. []

Rob1948 7 July 21

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I’ll pop up and say it’s ridiculous because it is. They can push for it all they want, but it’s unconstitutional. It can’t happen and it won’t happen.

So what? They can do whatever they like.
That doesn’t mean they can re write the constitution.
Everyone is an alarmist lately
Everyone needs to just cool down

Christianity numbers have been steadily decreasing for some time now.
Just because people in they limelight are speaking up doesn’t mean anything.

Let them
It won’t happen

@darthfaja Every war since WW2 has been unconstitutional, and the Evangelical Right doesn't give a hoot about the Constitution anyhow. I agree the US turning into a theocracy is unlikely, but it's not impossible, and the Constitution certainly isn't much of an obstacle at this point.

With the right Supreme Court judges, it will happen in the blink of an eye. If Trump is re-elected, they can gerrymander Democrats out of the picture in enough states to force a Constitutional Convention. If that happens, Katy bar the door.

Yeah and trump can push the big red shiny button also
I’m not drinking the kool-aide and I don’t buy into the alarmist worries

Just because it's unconstitutional doesn't mean it couldn't happen. This administration caters to the religious right and they want complete control. As far as the decline in Christianity I don't see that happening dramatically. Most people I know claim to be Christian and quite a few of them support Trump no matter what he says or does. It is a reason to be alarmed and concerned. Or at the very least be aware of the direction things are going.

@darthfaja a lot of people had that attitude and thought Trump would lose too...

I didn’t
I was confident he was going to win

@Rob1948, @funinfl
I’m aware of the direction but it doesn’t alarm me.
I disagree that it is worth being concerned about
We just have different opinions is all

@darthfaja More the pity.

I don’t believe so
I believe you are over worrying
That’s a lot of wasted time
Much like praying to someone not there

@darthfaja Over worrying? I don’t particularly worry about it but I do recognize it is possible. To ignore the possibility is foolish. Just like it was foolish to pooh pooh the idea that Hillary could possibly lose.

One point of getting Trump into office was to manipulate him into appointing conservative Christian judges to the federal appeals courts and SCOTUS. It’s worked spectacularly.

They now have a conservative appeals court on the verge of ruling the ACA unconstitutional, despite the very common legal opinion that it is not. They have a Supreme Court that will most like rule in favor of anti-abortion laws and has made rulings favoring religious beliefs over secular rights.

They have an uneducated Secretary of Education that favors religious private schools and school vouchers over public education. They have an Attorney General who supports and espouses Christian “law” over secular law.

But, yeah, let’s not worry about it. It’s all a big nothing. Right?

I didn’t “poo poo” Hilary would lose
I said from the beginning she couldn’t beat Trump
The Democratic Party made 2 drastic errors

  1. Choosing her to run
  2. Ignoring Trump

Politics sway left and right
You’re nervous, that’s obvious
But so what

It’ll sway one way for awhile and you can be nervous
Then it’ll sway the other way and it’ll be great for us and ‘they’ can be nervous

It’s always been like this and it’ll always be like this
If the religious nuts take over we can move to Canada
But I’m not going to spend 1 second of my life worrying or thinking about it

@darthfaja I didn’t say you personally pooh poohed the idea of Hillary losing. I have no idea what you thought before the election. However, many did scoff at the idea of Hillary losing.

Swings? In the last 100 years, our government has never swung as far has it has with Trump. Laws ignored. Judges insulted. Disrespect of Congress and the Supreme Court. Destruction of climate data, science committees, failure to fill job positions, insulting friendly allies and cozying up to enemies, failure to protect our elections, destruction of environmental laws, total disregard for the impacts of climate change impacts on government and military assets, sale of public land rights, ignoring or elimination environmental laws, etc. a significant increase in the deficit while wealthy individuals and large corporations pay little to no taxes and the rest of us pay more.

On top of that, the wholesale denigration of truth and the press and a significant movement to eliminate civil rights which conflict with Christian held mores.

You’re damn straight I’m concerned. 5 and 1/2 more years of Trump be a disaster from which we may never recover, particularly if he pushes us or the world into a war with Iran or worse. The fact that he controls our nuclear arsenal is frightening.

But, if you aren’t concerned, ...


I see it as a credible fear that I share with you....

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