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Anyone remember Maria Shriver interviewed by a fellow journalist when she was 1st Lady Governator of Calif in Sacramento ? The takeaway I got was the interviewer was hinting why she did not divorce her hollywood promiscuous hubby......instead of denial or indignation response she laughed and challenged her interviewer to show a more attractive muscular man than hers....not in those exact words but clearly a revealing message why she is married to an Austrian born Golds Gym immigrant who learned to speak English pumping iron.....bodybuilders/weightlifters are athletes as I am but far different from football players at most levels....I switched from baseball to football in hopes a cheerleader would love me....none did ....I do not regret football injuries as inseparable from my love of my Buffalo BILLs....and all my leg and chest "press" reps gave me lifelong power to navigate my body in many ways..... I never violated my marriage or fidelity promises yet some of my lovers did..... is body sculpting what many women want despite the boys who won't stay zipped up away from home ?

GreenAtheist 8 July 26

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I've always preferred a more natural look, but beauty is truly within, and anyone who would be with anyone just because of looks is not someone I would consider. Of course, I'm no Maria Shriver. My ideals lay in a different direction.

Angee Level 4 July 30, 2019

People buy tabloids and photo magazines with only one interest....who screws who pregnant or not

I like to see that my fav actors are doing well, but I'm not interested in dirt. I like to see the babies to see which parent they look most like, but I like to do that in everyday life. I have no desire to keep up with the Kardashians or any other celebrity.

@Angee I too have fave performers but I look them up on IMDb or Google

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