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If you always use force to solve your problems, then they will only grow; If however you only use power to solve your problems, then they will disappear.

DavidNoel 5 July 28

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When a hammer is your only tool, every problem becomes a nail.


The combination works the best.

zesty Level 7 July 28, 2019

Stalin would have said otherwise.

Bobby9 Level 8 July 28, 2019

Stalin was a sick man who gained power by deceit and murder. He was diagnosed as clinically paranoid, and he existed at a low level of consciousness, and down there he was weak and miserable. Granted he got control of a mighty army and captured more territory than just about any other leader, but he was using force always.

@DavidNoel Exactly and what you just said proves that use of power does not always make your problems grow. He killed off his problems. Whether or not he was miserable "inside" is speculation.

@Bobby9 If you are trying to seize power using force, then Stalin was a hero. However, we are not trying to do that in our personal lives. If we do act like Stalin in our contemporary lives we will end up in jail.

@DavidNoel My reply was not to declare Stalin a hero, where did that remark come from? Clearly the remark was to show that one who acquired, and kept power through force would not agree with the initial post.


What is power?

1of5 Level 8 July 28, 2019

Look at Map of Consciousness in the pictures that I have saved

Look at the Map of Consciousness that I have saved as a picture in my profile.

@DavidNoel no thanks

This kind of power

@DavidNoel so bullshit pseudo psych. Gotcha

@1of5 I am sorry that you feel that way, if you are strong enough and if you can process truth, then this map will be the most important document that you will have ever read.

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