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World's Best Airport Quality

St-Sinner 8 July 30

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I like the ones that I don't spend much time at.


US airports have definitely declined since we had to defend them from the British in 1776.



bobwjr Level 9 July 30, 2019

Trump said in his 2016 campaign speeches that we have overlooked progress made by some countries and America's infrastructure is broken. He gave the example of the Dubai airport.

What he did not mention was GW Bush and Cheney plundered the treasury built by Clinton in elective wars for 8 years, the federal government sent every available resource including state helicopters etc. to Iraq.


I can definitely vouch for numbers one and two. Changi in Singapore is like a first class even has orchids in the ladies rooms! The new Hong Kong airport (well relatively new now), at Chet Lap Kok is a marvel of design built on a man made island with a fast shuttle train service from it into Kowloon. The old airport, Kai Tak had some of the most hair raising landings weaving through the high rise apartments of Hong Kong ...passengers actually looking directly into the homes of Hong Kong residents on its flight path to the landing strip built out into the was thrilling to say the least!

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